Monday, August 17, 2015


My cousin Rachel paid me a visit all the way from Sunderland together with her boyfriend. 
I haven't seen her in two whole years and we didnt really had the chance to meet up while she came to penang during the previous summers. 

Took them to St George market after they arrived. 
i know this isn't relevant to the title stated above, but we'll get there i promise. 

PAELLA. Every trip to St George's market its mandatory for me to have this. nomnom.

Milkshake from Maggie Mays after that, I personally find that their milkshakes are much better than the food they serve. I guess it's one of the cheapest diners you could find  near around nearby campus. 

Le cousie. Queens is beautiful isn't it?

Off to Dublin on the next day, at first when I came to Belfast I assumed that Dublin is actually part of the UK. I'm really sorry but my sense of Geography and History is really bad. Then I learned that Southern Ireland is one country itself, and that they use Euros as their currency instead of pounds. We kinda had a hard time roamin around cause' there's no data. heheh. But good thing Rachel's boyf is good with maps. 

Dublin honestly is more happening than it is in Belfast. There are more restaurants and small little cafes around. Part of me felt like I was at home cause' PENANG HAS A LOT OF CAFES. :)
The food is slightly cheaper too! You know, cause' everything is in Euros haha.

Trinity college. 

So pweetsss. 

The Guinness Storehouse after that. 

with my companions hehe. 

You get to tour around their museum explaining how their beer is brewed and such. 
and I have to say, the Guinness in Ireland tastes completely different than it is in Malaysia.

Rachel's boyfriend, Jason.

The tasting room. Apparently there is a method on how to taste your beer in order to taste the sweetness in it. 

The cups are so so so cute! I actually stole one home xD

Then there's the pouring session. Apparently you can't just anyhow pour your beer, again there's a method to it. 

Focused focused. 

 and there we have our nice full pint of Guinness. :)

They even give you a certificate for that haha.

 Sláinte! (that is, cheers in Irish)

The Book of Kells. 
Sad to say, overrated. It's just a giant room filled with super old books THAT YOU CAN'T TOUCH. :( We came here because it is where the first Harry Potter movie is filmed. 

But it does look like  legit ancient library though. 

Temple bar. nah we didn't drink, too crowded, and we've had enough alcohol already hheh.

Met up with Jason and Vivien again hehe. 

its a wrap for our 1 day trip. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Semester 2 in Belfast.

I got super sick right after my London trip, literally one day after I went back to Belfast. Mom tells me it's because I wasn't used to the weather that made me sick like this. I even had to struggle with the flu while studying for exams, I really felt like dying during the time. 
I have also discovered that you'd get hungry very easily during the winter. I thought it was my problem and I've always had heavy meals especially for dinner. Then the health-conscious me would always refrain myself from eating during the wee hours. 

To sum everything up, Winter wasn't all that good for me, except that we get to play with snow haha.

Post end-of-sem exam meal in Avoca. 


I had sleepless nights during exams, which explains my dark circles and zits all over my face. 
Never in my life i stayed up the whole night studying for exams until i had to study for this one. 
Once, I studied til 7am in the morning. But I managed to get some sleep in the morning before going for exam at noon. hehe. My sleep wake cycle is basically messed up ever since i came to Belfast. 

This is in Jack Wills. Their walls are so prettyyyy. 
But their clothes are so pricey :(

Gilgamesh's kebab. I would come here for late night supper and I'd have this : Half 'n' half; Half chicken, half lamb together with fries and salad. nomnomnomnom. 

 Sharon :D, 

SNOW IN BELFAST! First time in my life to see snow. Didn't really turn out how i expected though. It's slippery and cold everywhere. It only snowed for a few days wtf. :( i expected it to snow for like a month or so. 

But regardless, we got to play with snow after class, I had to drag Sharon to play with me hehe. 

This, I am just speechless HAHAHA! My guai lan friends built a dick out of snow HAHAH!

I feel like Elsa, I get to build a snowman and shit. 

One of my Snapchat spams. With Vy and Sharon. 

As asians, we eat a lot of steamboat muahaha. It's kind of expensive to get the ingredients in Belfast. But eating steamboat makes us feel like we're home. :)

My wrap. Thanks Gwen and Ansum :)

These are snacks from Graze. I got them for free cause' my flatmate gave me a coupon to order them online. If you subscribe to their service they'd send you a box of snacks based on a survey they get you to fill on their website, and the type of snacks sent to you are at random, you won't know what will they send you until you get them. You can even tell them how often you want them to send these snacks to you. I've had a few other of these but I can't find my pics of the others. Do try their Nachos with the Salsa. each box costs around 5 pounds. 

check out their website here.

I LOVE THIS PHONE CASE, but then it's broken *cries* I don't even know how it happened wtf.

Bak Kut Teh nomomnommm

Got these fairy lights from Ikea. Made my room so cosyyyyyy :))))

They say fortune cookies aren't Chinese. haha. I got this from the Asian Market 

Ice cream during spring isn't really all that good. It was freezinggggg. 

Chinese new year eve playing poker with potato chips. 

I managed to cut my own fringe. I just couldn't take it with a side parting and all my hair falls onto my face like that. I was to kiamsiap to go for a haircut as well heheh.

Procrastinating nights like these, Ice cream and a movie. I think I was supposed to be doing an assignment. haha! 

BBC science expo. 
Gwen, Ansum and Leo making their own animation out of paper cutouts.

the BBC studio yASSSS


More photo dumps coming up soon. 
I still have a lot to share heheh.